Admission Information for Jewish Home & Rehab Center's Acute Geriatric Psychiatry Hospital

Our 12-bed licensed acute geriatric psychiatry hospital services older individuals who require assistance for acute psychiatric needs.

We are also licensed to admit individuals on a voluntary or involuntary basis. We offer an intimate setting housed on the campus of our nationally recognized long-term care center. Admission is not limited by race, color, national origin, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, age, or disability.

Lounge for socialization and recreation


In general, applicants must:

  • Must be 55 years old or above.
  • Have a primary psychiatric diagnosis with current symptoms requiring acute inpatient treatment.
  • If coming voluntarily, the applicant should have mental capacity and be willing to sign consent for admission.
  • Be able to participate in our treatment program.
  • Have severity of illness such that treatment at a lower level of care is inadequate.
  • Have medical clearance. Within the past 24 hours, the patient should have been medically evaluated for nonpsychiatric conditions that could account for current symptoms or medical instability. The patient should have had appropriate laboratory studies to assess medical stability, including chemistry panel, urinalysis, CBC and EKG.
  • If the patient meets the criteria for involuntary admission, by being a danger to themselves or others, or by being severely disabled, the appropiate legal documents must be completed and sent to Jewish Home & Rehab Center.

We are currently contracted with Medicare, On Lok, Blue Shield HMO/PPO, CCHP, and Kaiser. Admission of all Kaiser patients must be authorized by Kaiser’s psychiatric call center.

Private, comfortable room


  • All rooms are private and tailored to suit a patient’s individual needs, comfort, and safety.
  • Geriatric psychiatric evaluations and ongoing treatment.
  • Internal medicine physicians provide evaluations and medical follow-ups, as indicated.
  • Physical, occupational and speech therapy and nutritional services are provided, if needed.
  • Patients benefit from one-to-one interaction with our geriatric psychiatrist, psychiatric nurses, social work team, and recreational therapists.
  • Our social work team assists with discharge planning, community resources, and follow-up.
  • Various group therapies on a daily basis.
  • Depending on therapeutic needs, access to therapeutic as well as social services are available, including:
    • Neuropsychological testing
    • Nutrition
    • Individual psychotherapy
    • Speech and swallowing
    • Recreational therapies
    • Pet therapy
    • Religious/spiritual services
    • Café and boutique
  • We also accept patients who are nonambulatory or incontinent.
  • Ancillary medical services are provided as indicated/needed by our on-site clinics, ranging from audiology to dentistry.
Counseling session with social worker and patient
Dr. Geiser

Dr. Elliott Stein
Medical Director


As with all members of the Jewish Home’s acute geriatric psychiatry hospital, Social Services works in concert to ensure every patient’s recovery. Planning and collaboration among staff, patients, and families are keys to their success.

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