San Francisco Campus for Jewish Living Board Of Trustees

Howard F. Fine

“For over 145 years, the Jewish Home has been part of the fabric of this community. In treating those who are among the most vulnerable in our society, the Home has provided care with compassion, and dignity and respect for those it serves. It is the kind of facility where you would feel comfortable in placing the care of your loved ones. We who have been charged with guiding the Home are honored to have the opportunity to perform such a mitzvah.

I am told that it is an article of faith that each incoming board chair has talked about how the Home will be improved to provide more services for our community. It is my great honor to tell you that this time it will happen. The Home is on the threshold of building approximately 200 new assisted living and memory care units to go along with the extraordinary skilled nursing facility that is already operating here. The aging population in our community has expressed the desire to remain in their own homes for as long as possible. Thus, the new Home will also have the Byer Wellness Square – a meeting place where older adults can receive outpatient medical treatment, fitness opportunities, nourishment, and engagement with others. These changes will be transformational and will enable the Home to provide a much more complete continuum of care for the aging population in our community.

It would be difficult to overstate how extraordinarily fortunate our community is to have a complement of such gifted professionals who run the day-to-day operations of the Home. Our board members, staff, and other outside professionals have devoted substantial time and effort to planning for the transformation that has already begun. We would not be where we are without the foresight of prior boards, who began this planning process some ten years ago. Nor would we be approaching our fundraising goals without the tireless efforts of David Friedman and the campaign cabinet that he has assembled.

I hope that you will all be able to join us when we open the new facility.”

Howard F. Fine
Chair, board of trustees 2017 – present

Rick Baum

“A little over two years ago, based on the good work of my predecessors Steve Krieger and Michael Adler, my fellow board members and I embarked on a grand adventure. Following the lead of our ever-inspiring CEO & president, Daniel Ruth, and working with our sister boards, we commenced a process of transforming the Jewish Home at a time when its very existence was at risk. As I noted when I became board chair, ours is a transformation that would at once keep faith with the past while positioning us for an ascendant future.

What a remarkable time it has been. I cannot thank my fellow board members enough for the support and wise counsel they have provided Daniel and me throughout this period. You are a tough-minded, clear-eyed, good-humored group of men and women who are here, on the Jewish Home board, for exactly the right reasons: You love the Jewish Home and intend to see it live, grow, and flourish. What better purpose! For that I extend my heartfelt thanks.

As I mentioned earlier, we’ve done much in the past two years. Still, there is much left to do. What better person to lead the board in overseeing that work than Howard Fine. Not only is he a thoughtful, widely respected, pun-loving member of the State Bar, he is a man of extraordinary good judgment.

It’s been an honor for me to serve as chair of this board for the past two years. The kindness, care, and goodwill that the people of this institution – from the staff, to the administration, to the board – exhibit every minute of every day to the people we serve is a mitzvah of the highest order. For the opportunity to have been a part of that I am forever grateful.”

Rick Baum
Chair, board of trustees 2014 – 2017

Daniel Ruth

“Our community has come together to witness the installation of new officers for one of our community’s most relevant and significant resources for the expanding older adults in our community—the Jewish Home of San Francisco. I want to acknowledge that, although the times we live in are incredibly complex, stressful and demanding, our board has met the healthcare industry challenges, and led our exciting plans for the Home’s future – both on and off this campus – with fortitude, commitment, wisdom and passion, and all within the context of a “Jewish” heart and soul.

And they have done so under the stellar leadership, wisdom, and guidance of our outgoing board chair, Rick Baum. We are here to honor the completion of Rick’s term and to usher in the chairmanship of Howard Fine. Thank you all for joining us in being a meaningful part of this transition.”

Daniel Ruth
president & CEO


Howard F. Fine, Chair
Sophie Sharp, Secretary
David Lowi, Treasurer


James A. Davis, M.D.
Michael Eisler
Steven Fayne
Matthew D. Gershuny
Alex Mann
Brian Perlman
Lynn Sedway
Howard Zack
Bennett Zier, M.D.

Past Chairs

Michael W. Adler,
Richard Baum, Immediate Past Chair
James A. Davis, M.D.
David A. Friedman
Frances D. Green
Arlene E. Krieger
Steve Krieger
Mark L. Myers
Barbara C. Rosenberg, Ph.D.
Richard M. Rosenberg
Stuart W. Seiler

Senior Leadership

Daniel R. Ruth,
President & Chief Executive Officer

Mark Friedlander,
Executive Director

Angela Lazarich,
Director of Campus Operations

Mario Lemay,
Director of Organizational Effectiveness

Rabbi Sheldon Marder,
Director of Jewish Life

Matthew Powondra,
Administrator, Frank Residences

Kyle Ruth-Islas,
Administrator, Jewish Home & Rehab Center

Clinical Leadership

Elaine Gecht, M.D.,
Long-Term Care Medical Director

Elliott Stein, M.D.,
Acute Geriatric Psychiatry Medical Director

Bennett Zier, M.D.,
STARS Medical Director

Jerry A. Levine,
Executive Director Emeritus

The Jewish Home of San Francisco is a beneficiary agency of the Jewish Community Federation of San Francisco, the Peninsula, Marin and Sonoma Counties, and Jewish Home & Senior Living Foundation.

127th Annual Meeting, Jewish Home of San Francisco, January 26, 2017



Website content that still bears the names Jewish Home of San Francisco and Jewish Home reflects material that is in circulation or was published before we became San Francisco Campus for Jewish Living – on which Jewish Home & Rehab Center, our acute geriatric psychiatry hospital, and the new Lynne & Roy M. Frank Residences and Byer Square are located. Wherever possible, new and updated website content will bear our new names.

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