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– Edward Goetzl, M.D.

This study is designed to characterize selected aging-induced biochemical changes in cells of the human central nervous system, with a principal focus on the brain. These brain cellular changes appear in healthy elderly individuals and develop differently in elderly patients with neurodegenerative diseases leading to dementia. Investigations will utilize cell membrane vesicles called exosomes, small pieces naturally shed from the cells into blood, which we will harvest from venous blood plasma. Proteins implicated in the neuropathology of various senile dementias will be extracted from these plasma-derived exosomes for quantification by diverse immunoassays known as ELISAs.

The major goals are:

  1. A better understanding of the roles of such neuropathological proteins in the development of senile dementias
  2. Establishment of a blood test for senile dementias with diagnostic and prognostic value.

The entire study involves the isolation and study of exosomes from blood we obtain, or from plasma of UCSF patients and controls at San Francisco Campus for Jewish Living’s Center for Research on Aging or the Memory Center, or occasionally sent to us from other university medical centers.


– Janice B. Schwartz, M.D.

This project has identified the most common chronic co-morbid conditions and the most common combinations of medications used to treat these co-morbid conditions in older men and women in data from the National Nursing Home survey and in men receiving care at Veteran’s Administration Medical Centers across the nation.

The next steps are to develop algorithms to identify the best combinations of these medications for patients with the co-morbid conditions.


– Janice B. Schwartz, M.D.

A class of new oral anticoagulant (NOACs) drugs are replacing warfarin for anticoagulation. Dosages should be adjusted for renal function, age, and a number of clinical factors.

Our project has determined the appropriateness of dosing of NOACs in patients during its initial use and found areas in which in improvements are needed. Our next step is to determine if the use of an electronic dose calculator can improve dosing.

Research Application Procedures

It is our goal to facilitate research projects at San Francisco Campus for Jewish Living, while meeting the highest ethical standards and compliance with government regulations and the organization's policies and procedures.

Applications for research at San Francisco Campus for Jewish Living are welcomed. Researchers considering projects at the Campus are encouraged to contact Dr. Christine Ritchie before completing the application for research.

Applications undergo review by the San Francisco Campus for Jewish Living Research Committee, but must have a licensed Institutional Review Board approval or Committee on Human Research Approval before they can be considered. Please submit to Helen Colombo at

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