Plan for your legacy … and that of the San Francisco Campus for Jewish Living

Whether you have already meticulously planned your estate or are presently making those decisions, San Francisco Campus for Jewish Living's Development department is here to help you determine how to fulfill your philanthropic goals and acts of tzedakah.

Dorothy and George Saxe at the Jewish Home

Dorothy and George Saxe

“We decided to include the Home in our estate plan because of the extraordinary care it provides for seniors in the Jewish community. We have been involved with the Home for years and know that each year brings new challenges to providing the excellent care that makes the Home a wonderful place. A bequest can make such a difference in the future.”

- George and Dorothy Saxe

When you include San Francisco Campus for Jewish Living in your estate plan, you not only take advantage of the tax benefits of charitable giving, but you also affirm the enduring spirit of L’Dor VaDor – each generation’s pledge to care for the one that came before.

Many options are available in making a planned gift. Although the most common choice is a direct gift from a will or trust, there are opportunities that may include using real estate or an instrument that provides life income for you or a loved one.

“Great is the privilege of the philanthropists, for they waken the good in the community.”

- Zohar


Frank Stein and his partner, Paul S. May, came to know the Jewish Home as many others do – through family. Frank and his sister turned to the Home when she needed care, largely because others had spoken highly of the care their family members had received.

Paul May and Frank Stein photographed in 2007 in the space that bears their names.

At the Jewish Home, Frank and Paul found the accommodations and surroundings to be very comfortable and cheerful, without the feeling of being in a hospital. Yet medical staff and caregivers were accessible and available, and treated the whole family with kindness and understanding.

After Frank’s sister passed away, he and Paul decided that they would generously support the Jewish Home. They knew their doing so would contribute to the Home’s financial well-being and trusted that it would encourage others’ acts of generosity.

What makes Frank and Paul’s commitment exceptional was the combination of their current giving and their pledge of a bequest to provide for some of the Home’s future needs.

It is with deep sadness that we acknowledge the passing of Paul S. May on September 12, 2013, following a long illness. However, Paul’s meaningful legacy will live on. Through his estate gift and Frank’s bequest pledge, the names of Paul S. May and Frank Stein will be imprinted in the hearts of those served by the Jewish Home.

And there is a further tangible manifestation of their philanthropy. When you enter the Jewish Home, you are greeted with lettering that reads “Frank Stein & Paul May Lobby.” This is their legacy: doors that open to loving care and thoughtful generosity.



Website content that still bears the names Jewish Home of San Francisco and Jewish Home reflects material that is in circulation or was published before we became San Francisco Campus for Jewish Living – on which Jewish Home & Rehab Center, our acute geriatric psychiatry hospital, and the new Lynne & Roy M. Frank Residences and Byer Square are located. Wherever possible, new and updated website content will bear our new names.

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